The Best Muppet Caper

It’s a massive call. But I think I just bought the best thing I have EVER bought.

It’s pink.

It’s fluffy.

If I was a piece of clothing this is what I would be. 

I ordered it in the latest VOSN and it is so perfect and SO me that I know the second I put it on, I will never take it off. 

The jacket looks like a muppet. 

I LOVE The Muppets. 

At some point in my 38.9 year history with my sister, we decided that I looked a little like Janice, the muppet.

Not as much as Donatello Versace looks like Janice. But at some point she started calling me Janice.  And I’ve always felt a strange affinity with her (Janice, not my sister, though her too) …..even though I’m not sure we have that much in common. None of the muppet movies have indicated that Janice is in fact a frustrated-writer-stay-at-home -mother-of-4-small-male-muppets. (Though this evening I discovered that a big smile and long blondish hair are not the only thing that Janice and I have in common….)

Yep I also feel that way a glass of red in, Janice. 

At any rate, the jacket arrived in the post (thanks to the wizardry of Georgy at Coco and Lola) and I looked at it and thought “Muppet”, closely followed by “This jacket is my spirit animal”. 

And even though it’s been about 9 months since I found the time to write. And even though Working Boy has opened his own practice which, in a surprise turn of events, has turned Shopping Girl into Working Girl (although there were some awesome shopping opportunities in furnishing the waiting room – maybe a post at a later stage?) . And even though it’s midnight on a Saturday night……when that Unreal Fur jacket arrived, I knew that even though it won’t get its own outing, it needed its own Shopping Girl post. Quite simply, as I said to Georgy via email, I think it is the best thing I have ever bought. And that, as you would all know, is saying something. 

The second I slipped my arms through those sleeves, I felt like me. Not like “mum”. Or “MUUUUUUM!!!”. Not like a wife. Or Working Girl. Like me. Like Janice. That feeling that money can’t buy, but just did. The person who belts out Lisa Loeb’s Stay as she unloads the dishwasher on a Saturday night. The person who is totally fine with having 4 boys as long as she can buy herself pink fluffy jackets.

Tomorrow I will put on the jacket. The boys will tease me in all my pink fluffiness….but secretly they will love it because they will know that the mum they get in that jacket is the most sincere version of herself. 

Or maybe I am over-dramatising the whole thing, and it’s just a f*cking great jacket and pleasantly soft to hug if your mum is wearing it.

XOXO Shopping Girl


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