The name’s Bonds.

I have shopping ESP. It’s my secret spy skill, so this is for your eyes only. I can literally sense a sale. It’s a gift, what can I say?

I had been waiting for Bonds to do a site-wide discount for weeks. The ever expanding Baby N is starting to give his size 1 Wondersuits a run for their money and I’ve been keen to stock up on some size 2s. No Australian baby should have to live without a Wondersuit. It’s a national right. And considering that Bonds often discounts by 40%, seemingly just for the hell of it, it’s accessible to most.

So I was lying in bed the other night thinking, it’s really odd that Bonds haven’t had a discount for a while. Yep I really do have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Someone has to worry about this stuff you know. I thought “I’m just going to check Bonds’ Instagram to make sure I haven’t missed anything”. Low and behold, this is what I found:

Despite following Bonds on multiple social media sites, I had somehow missed this. Luckily for me, my trusty shopping ESP had not let me down. Those not blessed with a sixth shopping sense will have to rely on regular social media and website stalking.

I went onto the Bonds website and ordered some of these…..


And some of these…..


I ordered 5 altogether. What can I say? You only live twice. I love the terry ones for the colder nights and the thin ones for when it’s not quite warm enough for short sleeves. I love the two way zip for easy changing. I LOVE the attached sock that Baby N can’t dispose of mid-sleep! I love that even though he is toddler sized, he still looks like a baby in his Wondersuits. And I love the cute prints.

Even at 11.30pm, when I am half asleep, I can click “Add to Cart”. I really can shop in my sleep.

In the morning I had an email order confirmation from Bonds. I also had an unrelated email from Working Boy asking me to please limit any unnecessary credit card expenditure for the next few days as we approached our payment deadline. It scared the living daylights out of me as I cast my mind back to the night before.

“Oops” I thought.

“Oops!” I emailed Working Boy (yeah he’s not called Working Boy for nothing – he is up and out of the house before any of us wake up most mornings), “I ordered some Wondersuits from Bonds last night. 40% off!!!”. A few hours later I received a reply. “How can we possibly need more sleepsuits with our fourth child???”. “Live and let die!” I wanted to shout but granted, this was a valid question. One for which I had an answer. So I replied “Because the world is not enough! And also at this age our other babies weren’t as big. By the time they needed a size 2 they wore proper pjs. They weren’t babies any more. Wondersuits are still the best and easiest sleeping option for him while he’s a baby”.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many kids you have – there are always more things you need with a baby. Or things that you don’t necessarily NEED (as in water, food and shelter) but things that will make your life easier. Diamonds are forever but high chairs are not.

After many, MANY years doing without, I recently succumbed to a baby bag. With my last baby I was more than happy to stick a nappy wallet in my regular bag. This time round, it was not working for me. I’m not sure if it’s because my bags are that much nicer (and heavier – Wang Rocco I’m looking at you again) or
if it’s because my outings last that much longer with older kids, thus necessitating more supplies. There are many reasons I can think of…..but when push came to shove, suddenly I needed a baby bag again.

I chose the So Young. Army green, on-trend and casual. Straps onto pram, freeing up my pram basket for shopping. Insulated food section. I actually thought I would just stick it in the pram loaded with my baby stuff and carry a normal handbag…..but at the moment it’s easier just to chuck my purse and phone in too, and be ready to go, hands free (well in as much as you are hands free pushing a pram and sometimes simultaneously carrying a baby). I actually like that it is clearly utilitarian. Nothing worse than a nappy bag trying to pretend it’s actually stylish.

There are a few other things I’ve had to replace this time around too, most notably the baby bath seat. Baby N was simply too big for our previous bath seat. I tried to ignore it, but when Working Boy had to answer the door mid-bath, and Baby N came to the door wearing the bath seat because Working Boy could not get him out, I had to face that we needed a roomier model. It was really, REALLY hard to find a bath seat that Baby N fit in. His thighs were simply too big for 99% of all baby bath seats. One day, my amazing friend DG called me and told me about a bath seat she’d seen that she was sure he would fit into. I don’t think that many people put their babies in the bath seats on the counter of the shop before they buy them but I had to check the safety bar could close over his thighs. Thank you DG and Baby Village.

Baby N is really too heavy for our pram too, but Working Boy will not have a bar of this one. Let’s just call
him Doctor No, and the situation, a work in progress.

XOXO Shopping Girl

Ps There are 8 Bond movie references hidden in this blog. How many can you find?


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