What to buy the baby who has everything.

Today was Baby N’s first birthday. Happy birthday, Baby N – we bought you …..a sofa! Given Baby N cannot
sit on the sofa in case he crawls off the edge, we decided some more age appropriate presents might be welcomed.

But as any parent of multiple children in a first world country knows, no 4th baby “needs” anything. So this is what we got baby N, the baby who wants for nothing.


The Leapfrog learn and groove music table. As these tables seem to only last through two children, this is our third (we lent our 1st to a friend which is how we’ve already gone through two tables). As these tables can be picked up for about $50 on sale, I keep replacing it. It has been a popular toddler toy in our house and let’s just say Baby N could use some motivation to stand. Replacement = justified.


Boon bath toys. My big boys wanted to give Baby N their own present. Bath toys go slimy after a while. Nothing this cute was available last time I had a baby. Done deal. Incidentally we also have another Boon bath toy which has proved very popular, pictured below.Go Boon.
Thrown away mouldy bath toys = justified.


Next the grandparents. My parents bought Baby N this:

As you can see, Baby N is quite taken with it. So is every other child who has walked into this house. This is one of Fisher Price’s new BIG baby toys and it’s a winner. Fisher price is a classic. Classic = justified. I cooked dinner today while he sat in it = double justification.

Under my instruction, Working Boy’s parents bought this:


Tegu blocks. Light wooden blocks, mysteriously magnetic. These were not around when I last had a baby, just as when Master T was born, I had a Nokia 5510…..I now have an iPhone 5s. Block technology has changed and we have to roll with the times people. Justified.

So there you have it. What to buy the baby who has everything. Stay tuned for next year when we’ll continue on this theme with “what to buy the toddler who has everything”.
Until then (or maybe a little before),
XOXO Shopping Girl


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