Occupational therapy.

When one of my kids was in preschool it became clear that his pencil grip was *less* than ideal. So we did what all eastern suburbs parents do in times of CRISIS – we called in the OT. A term of sessions later, his pencil grip rivalled the OT’s, and all was good in the world again.
Here at Shopping Girl, we recognise that sometimes we could all do with a little OT….and so I present to you:


Online Shopping is, quite frankly, the best. The shops never shut. You get the joy of a parcel delivered a few days later. And no baby/toddler/child wrangling involved at all.

When the new season’s clothes come out there’s always something (or a few somethings) I want. But at new season prices, this is not always possible. So I try on in the shop (or not), I sign up to the shop’s email, and I wait. And pray that my size does not sell out in the meantime. Signing up for emails is crucial to be first in on any flash (25% off EVERYTHING!!) or end of season sales. Following on Facebook is good too, but it’s easier to miss the announcements in the volume of the feed. I keep a private Pinterest board of the items I want to track. Oh yes, I really do.

This past season there were Ginger & Smart skirt and booties that I fell in love with. Prohibitively expensive. One morning a few weeks ago I was checking my email, and BAM!, there it was. Ginger and Smart sale. A few swipes and taps later, my order was placed. Win!

However, it’s important to be proactive. I had been waiting and waiting for Zimmerman to go on sale (gorgeous dress!), but no sale was coming. The other day I thought to myself “SURELY they must be on sale by now!”, went on-line and indeed they were. I don’t know if their emails were put in my junk box (noooooo!!) but I wasn’t getting them. So in short, what I’m trying to say, is keep checking your favourite online stores, unless you can CLEARLY see that you are getting their emails.

So, you can have your Ginger & Smart and wear it too. But not your Zimmerman dress – MOS-G bought me that for my birthday. And remember, if you miss the end of season sale, there’s always the Warehouse sale a few months later.

XOXO Shopping Girl


What did the postman bring today?

Working Boy would like to see some regular segments on this page, so without further delay, I present to you:

“What did the postman bring today?”

Today the postman brought two things:
1. Fingerless typing buddy mittens by Cashmerism from http://www.hardtofind.com.au
Gloves and babies are like milk and meat. They just don’t mix (does anyone else have that CD?). It is near impossible to keep your digits warm and your baby happy. Motherhood in general is just not compatible with glove wearing. These gloves are a happy medium between keeping my extremities warm and keeping my much in demand fine motor skills available. They have the almost-as-important benefit that YOU CAN STILL USE YOUR iPHONE. Fingertips are the best. Ignore the fact that mine are in desperate need of a manicure and focus on how snuggly yet useful they are looking. At $59.95 they are my winter essential, and even more of a bargain for me, because my mother (henceforth to be know as MOS-G) sent them to me.


2. In September, Working Boy and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. We still have the same bed linen I chose when I was 22 and doing the registry. To say my taste has changed is an understatement. To say I am SICK TO DEATH of our bed linen is also. Our old linen does not match the new house. Our old linen does not match me.
I had been eyeing this Calvin Klein linen for at least 18 months. In that time not once did it go on sale.

Last Thursday night I went to the supermarket at 8.50pm to buy Working Boy some food to take to a conference in Brisbane that he was leaving for first thing Friday morning. I walked past @davidjones on my way and saw that lo and behold their stocktake sale had started without me. 8.53pm I went in and THERE IT WAS at 50% off. Except it wasn’t because they didn’t have the size I needed. A visit to the counter, city store on the line and they could post it to me at a cost of $9.95. Everyone seemed very concerned that I knew that the shipping would be $9.95. I explained that it was cheaper than PARKING in the city. They were still concerned. They don’t know my baby. I would have paid $20 in shipping to NOT take him shopping in the city.

And so here it is – my beautiful Calvin Klein Regent Damask bedding. You are finally mine. .



People are ALWAYS asking me “where do you get your clothes from, Shopping Girl?”. I’m kidding. I’m not that pretentious. I’ve probably been asked 3 times in my life – max. But to those 3 people (you know who to you are) I say this: International Designer Sample Sale. It’s on again and it’s always a goldmine. I love my Willow, Seed, and Sass and Bide as much as you do, but sometimes I don’t want someone to take one look at me and think “Witchery top, Ginger & Smart skirt, Wittner shoes”.
This sale has the stuff that you don’t see everywhere else.

I took one of my best SPICS (shopping partner in crime) with me and we had a field day. It was nice and quiet at 11am and I had the communal change room (groan!) to myself (gain!). Prices are not cheap as chips but there are some major discounts off pricey items to be found.

Oh, and mention the Missy Confidential emails (which you definitely all should be getting) and you’ll get a further 10% off.

Sorry everyone else – this one’s
Sydney only.

Thanks to Working Boy for the hour of babysitting 🙂
XOXO Shopping Girl

International Designer Sample Sale
Unbelievable savings on AW 2014/15 and SS 2014 Samples!
M Missoni, By Malene Birger, Tibi, Designers Remix, Hoss Intropia, HIGH by Claire Campbell, Paul & Joe, Christain Lacroix handbags, Theirry Mugler handbags, PennyBlack
Savings up to 70% off RRP – Get in before it’s all gone!

Wed 11th Jun 2014 – till sold out


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